A Flow of Synchronicity


I was going to post elsewhere this morning on a completely different topic. However, as I was putting that other topic into some semblance of order, I chanced upon a string of synchronicity that I had failed to notice before now.

Here, I write as Elizabeth, which is actually my given name. But, I do have a pseudonym and a blog site registered under that name as well. It is Claudette Ellinger, she of the not so famous weekly writing challenge, which no one, for the most part, responds to other than Elizabeth, lol. You can check it out at   http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/

I have been doing the challenge for 10 weeks now, and as I said, I am pretty much the only respondent. What I do is pull a Journey Stone from a basket near my bed. They are round stones made from polymer clay with a word, or phrase, carved into them. I created them to use in my classes when I was teaching. And I have hundreds of them.

What caught my eye, this morning, was how each of the ten words, and phrases, that I have posted over the last ten weeks are so closely connected. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it did. It was my intention to write about Creativity, but I got sidetracked by those ten Journey Stones.

Synchronicity is about connections, connections between the outer world and the inner one. We sometimes call them coincidences, but are they? Or, are they proof that all things connect and that the flow they create can be of inestimable value in directing our choices and the path of our lives and the journey we each travel during those lifetimes?

These are the ten words I plucked randomly from the basket over the past weeks. The words are those in quotation marks.

1.  The Power of “Creativity.”
2.  The Art of “Humility.”
3.  A Feeling of “Harmony.”
4. “Opportunity”
5.  “Fortune”
6.  “Bravery”
7.  “Song”
8.  “Inner World”
9.  “Visionary”
10. “Discernment”

It is my intention to connect all of them together just as they appeared from the basket.

The Power of Creativity is that it can and does move us. It can take us to places we were never able to imagine, and fulfill our dreams as nothing else can do. But Creativity can also teach us the necessary Art of Humility. The conscious awareness of our own small reality within the hugeness of the Universe. We make take pride in our creations, but must never lose sight of the fact that each one is a gift and we, the mere channel through which that gift is given to the world.

Creativity can and does also bring about a feeling of Harmony. When caught up in its energies, we feel a peace that is incomparable and that also affects the world around us. We are focused, given purpose, as well as direction. It is always an opportunity to find another small piece of who we are and may be meant to be. It can and sometimes changes our fortunes, but not always, if one is only considering fortune in monetary or material matters. A satisfied life is a fortunate one, and sometimes far better without all the material accoutrements.

The choice to follow ones own creative leadings takes a certain amount of bravery. It often entails being a bit different, walking a different and sometimes lonely path. I have found, on a personal level, that the siren song of the creative impulse can totally negate any imagined emotions of loneliness. While held within that music, I am in my own Inner World, and there is no need for anyone else to be there with me. In fact, I would look at such company as a distraction, or interruption, of my own process.

A Visionary is one who can see beyond the most obvious horizon. Creativity, no matter the form it takes, be that Art with a capital A, or cooking a delicious and attractive meal, can and does take us beyond whatever horizon might present itself in the moment.  

I believe that synchronicity is meant, in part, to lead us to our own inherent creative energies. All  that is necessary is the discernment that allows us to understand and grasp the connectedness that is all around us. When we do, we find ourselves in a creative flow that might go on forever.

If you are interested in reading more about synchronicity and the innumberable ways in which it works and surrounds us, I would recommend that you visit   http://ofscarabs.blogspot.com/


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