The Magician

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The Magician


The energy of the Magician is that of a Healer. We don’t often think of him in those terms but that is what he is and does. The image above is from the Universal Waite Tarot deck. I think it is extremely significant that The Magician is the number 1 card in the tarot deck following the Fool who is usually identified by a 0. Taken together, the two cards would seem to suggest that we, as human beings, are constantly in need of healing, and that healing is, or at least should be, of primary importance.

In the image, The Magician is shown with all four of the major elements at his disposal. They are signified by the four suits of the deck, which represent earth – the physical realm, air – thought and mental process, fire – emotions and the actions fueled by them, and water – the flow of life in, around, and through us. It is the energy of the Magician that keeps all of them in balance, bringing about a harmony that offers healing.

Here we will look at the archetypal significance of the image, rather than its divinatory purpose. An Archetype is an example of the energy, a primary model, if you will. It is a Universal symbol that is recognized by all cultures. Here, in the Western Hemisphere, that could be the person of Merlin, the magician from the legends of King Arthur. There are many others, but they all take part in particular and specific behavoirs that identify the energy itself.

The Magician has a mystery about his person. He is the holder of secrets, knowledge that others do not possess. He is capable of altering and changing the very substance of things. He appears and disappears at will. But, his primary purpose is to heal the world which he inhabits. He does that by bringing about a balance and harmony to those four primary elements.

What does that have to do with we much more ordinary human beings? A great deal. The energy of the Magician resides within each of us. It does no good unless activated. As a matter of fact, it can be a very destructive element if it is not acknowledged and accepted.

The shadow aspect of the Magician is the Sorcerer who destroys his world by making it sick, disrupting its natural harmony, and misaligning its balance. Have you ever engaged in behavoir you knew was wrong, even harmful? Not really knowing why you are so engaged, yet doing it anyway? That could be the Sorcerer energy gone unacknowledged or unheeded.

However, the Magician’s energy is always available to us. As I said, it resides within us, built into the system, and is called Creativity. Whether that is being creative with ones finances, emotional or mental abilities, or simply moving through life as a unique individual with purpose and focus, it is there to be used when we choose. So, why don’t we use it more often?

Maybe because it is risky and even magic takes work and preparation. Because the Magician has those elements at his disposal, he most often participates by altering the conscious level around him. And by the way, he can be a she, but I am using the male specification because of the above image.

How does he do that? Change or alter the conscious level, not only his own, but that of those who are around him. One, he hones his intuitive skills. Those skills allow him to see and know a bit more in any given situation. He perceives things on a different level and can help others to do the same. A good example of that would be Merlin as he slowly helped Arthur realize his own potential and abilities, as well as his true identity and heritage.

Counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists all partake in the energy of the Magician when dealing with their clients. Just as doctors, nurses, and those in all the helping professions do. Each of us does that when we help a friend to remember who they truly are and can be. More important, we do that for ourselves each time we make choices that enhance whatever situation we find ourselves inside of.

The important issue here is to realize that the Magician’s energy is readily available to each of us if we choose to allow that. Just taking the time to think about that energy can change ones perspective, altering whatever consciousness level we are in at the moment. And quite often, all it takes is a bit of movement.

If you are in a funk about anything, moving your body, even across the room, can and does change your perspective, especially if you choose to do it for that reason, paying attention to all the details and how they change will open new and different views that can change whatever emotional stasis you might be stuck in. Choosing to partake in some sort of creative activity not only distracts you from that loop of funk, it might even suggest other courses you were unable to see until thus engaged.

I color Mandalas. I have written about that activity before. It usually takes me about an hour and a half to three hours to complete one such project. In the course of choosing the colors, applying them, and simply allowing myself to become engrossed in the process, I find a peace and stability that is desperately needed in my current situation.

But, it has also taught me a great many very important life lessons as well. One of them is about making judgments. About half way through a coloring project, I find that I’m either excited about what is coming to life under my fingers, or that it is not working and I want very much to simply reject the entire thing, toss it out after ripping it in small pieces. I have learned not to act on that impulse.

Setting it aside, moving on to something else, even a night’s sleep, can change that entire project. It becomes a challenge to finish it, see what happens. Amazingly enough, I have stumbled onto some of my favorite pieces in just such a manner. Granted, they might not be appealing to others, but if they are attractive and satisfying to me, I feel that I have accomplished a great deal and am happier for the extended work involved.

And that bit of satisfaction alters everything else I am engaged in doing, and the energy I project into my world, reaching out to those around me in many different forms and even altering their consciousness levels. Yesterday, I got my Mom to go outside and engage in conversation about all the little birds, squirrels, and bunny rabbits that inhabit that part of her world. She is ninety years old, suffering from a broken bone due to a fall that occurred almost two months ago. And is struggling with deep depression and the resultant inactivity that entails. I was engaging the Magician’s energy and more than pleased with the results.

How do you engage in that energy? Life can be magical if we allow it to be.


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