Hazardous Materials


Some of the most hazardous materials to the path of Intuition are preconceived notions. Those things we think we already know, or most often have formed an opinion about. Preconceived notions lock the door to an openness that would allow new or different connections. Thus, locking ourselves outside of our own inherent intuitive abilities.

Because we form a worldview at a very young age (sometime around five years old), much of our lives are spent unraveling those incomplete and sometimes erroneous conclusions we drew back there in childhood. There are individuals who never take the time to do that, and as a result, live a very limited and limiting existence. So much so, that some never find out who they really are or what they are actually capable of being and doing.

A child who decides that his/her mother is the very best person to be, might put all of their energy into being that other person: thought patterns, definitions, physical and mental processes, as well as behaviors. I have known a few of them and have always been aware that there is something incomplete, a bit off, not true about the individual. A sense of something just a bit phony, or even deceptive.

It’s not that the person is deliberately trying to deceive anyone (other than self), but that they are simply not being true to the individual they really have the potential of becoming. And that lack of a plumb line shows in small inconsistencies as well as in much bigger ways. It would have to do so. No one can really know what another person is all about. All they can do is draw their own conclusions which are not much more than hopes and guesses. At best, an incomplete picture.

It is, at its base, a complete rejection of ones own person and possibilities. Although this might be the most drastic example of preconceived notions at work, it holds some overall truth about how hazardous such material and notions can be and are. How can such an individual make the connections necessary to becoming fulfilled in any meaningful manner?

We all have preconceived notions, judgments we have made about things and people that don’t allow us to move freely through the moments of our lives. Notions that hold us bound to the place where we are and totally block our path into whatever future that path might entail. So, how do we deal with such concepts and ideas?

First of all, by simply being aware that such materials exist. One of the ways of becoming aware is to examine those things we avoid. We avoid them for a reason, but is that reasoning faulty? For example: there is a person in my life that I have mixed feelings about. She is highly judgmental and no ones opinion is more correct than her own. Right alongside of that is a delicious and quirky sense of humor that I find delightful for many reasons.

I am both drawn and repulsed by some of her behaviors. But, I had to examine both of those responses before I could be comfortable around her. And I do get up and move away when the judgment thing surfaces, but stick around for the humorous anecdotes that role off of her tongue with such glib ease.

There definitely was a time in my life when I would simply have avoided those mixed signals because they made me uncomfortable. Discomfort is not what I am seeking. But, after examining and realizing just what was creating my discomfort, I can now stay or move on at my own discretion. I much prefer that freedom of choice. It is far more comfortable.

Amazingly enough, I have even found that there are moments when I actually agree with some of her judgments. We may never be bosom buddies, but we can at least make connections on occasion. I also think that means I have grown and my level of acceptance is improving. Those are not bad goals to focus in on. It also means I am staying open to the possibilities.

That is the ultimate goal of becoming aware of preconceived notions, whether they are about people, things, or experiences. The more things I avoid, the less possible paths are open to me and my intuitive faculties.

Recently, I was having some difficulty dealing with a situation that was making me more than uncomfortable. I could have avoided it, just stopped placing myself in the particular situation. But, it involved someone I care about deeply and always will.

In exploring all of those feelings and possibilities, I realized that I was locked into a certain set of expectations from childhood. My preconceived notions were intruding on the present circumstances. And the present circumstances were far different from those of my childhood.

Just understanding those dynamics changed my entire outlook. It didn’t happen overnight, but no one is more grateful than I, that I didn’t stop or avoid the present moment. I stepped into it and made the connections. Even feel that I received a gift for my efforts.

Last night while in the present circumstances and coloring, I looked up and saw my second hummingbird in less than two weeks. From about four or five feet away, I watched it sip the nectar from the blossoms of another potted flower. I watched as it zoomed away to perch on a nearby branch, then came back for a second dip into that sweetness.

And by the way, I had been avoiding that particular design. Just didn’t like it when I first saw it. But, decided it was there and intricate enough to absorb my energies, at least for a while. Still don’t particularly like the drawing, but the colors turned out to be stunning. They are just the type that draw and attract  hummingbirds, which are the symbol for joy.


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