A Wish List


“When it is the right thing, all the details fall into place and happen smoothly and with a certain ease.” A neighbor, a very casual acquaintance, said that to me last night, after I had told him about my day. Although I know and believe that to be true, his words felt like a validation of my experience. In the midst of all the activity, it had slipped my mind, and I felt that his statement was a perfect cap on a rather exciting and wonderful occurrence.

I have desired a very specific thing for five years. Had pretty much decided it just wasn’t going to come about. But, it all fell into place yesterday, with an ease that was stunning and had definite euphoric effects. I am still pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming, and may continue to do so for some time.

I have been following and acting on the signs and symbols, many of which didn’t really seem connected to this particular goal. Yet, now when I look back, I can clearly see how each thing that occurred and was acted on, was necessary to the process. Although the actual goal came about with simple ease, some of those steps were hard and difficult and fraught with a high level of stress, especially emotional agitation, and a great deal of self-doubt and time wasted in second guessing.

What occurred yesterday was the culmination of several lessons I needed to learn and to act upon. But, each time I remember my neighbor’s observation, I can see each of those lessons and how I needed to walk through them, and the deep abiding value of doing so. These are not lessons about reading, writing, or ‘rithmetic. They are lessons about self and becoming whatever it is possible to be.

Julia Cameron, in her book The Artist’s Way, asks her reader to do a simple exercise (amongst many others). It is called a wish list, and she explains that because wishes are only wishes, they can be as frivolous, or as earnest, as the reader will allow them to be. It is to be done quickly without a great deal of thought or holding back. I just looked at the list I had written, in the space provided, well over ten years ago.

Two things jumped out at me. This current goal isn’t even on the list (wasn’t a necessity at the time), and about half of those wishes have been fulfilled. There are blank spaces for 19 wishes, and I can easily check off eight of them as current realities within my existence. I can also see how the current goal will be necessary to fulfill a good portion of the rest. And yes, there are some that are positively impossible, but I love the fact that I wrote them down and knew, even back then, that they weren’t possible. One simply can’t go back and be 19 again.

I write off the cuff. That means I come here and write, often not knowing exactly what I’m going to write about and just moving on whatever comes up. After the first couple of paragraphs, this morning, I kept hearing Cameron’s name in my head, but couldn’t figure out how it fit with what I was writing about. So, I simply stopped writing, picked up the book and let it fall open. It fell open to the wish list exercise.

I love how intuition works. It is also important to know that I haven’t ever looked at my response to that exercise since that long ago moment when I wrote it to fill in the blanks and get on with reading what Cameron had to say. When I do pick up the volume, I am looking for her words, not my own, so have a tendency to skip over my own responses.

Wishes and goals seem to be two different things, but are they? Wishes are often no more than passing thoughts we would like to see happen, or experiences we would sort of like to encounter, but often doubt we will. The word goals seems far more actively involved, thought out, and pursued. A concentrated effort. But, if we actually listen and heed our own intuition, the two can and do blend and become the same. Every goal started out as no more than a wish.

I think the wish list exercise is an important one, especially in the arena of intuitive faculties. Writing out the list, without a great deal of thought, actually allows our intuition to come to the surface and make our deeper, often hidden, desires far more concrete.

There is also that old saying that one should be careful about what is wished for, after all, it might actually come to pass. But, the same thing can be said about goals. If we put all of our energies into accomplishing a particular goal, after attaining it, we might find that we missed a great deal of life in that process. We can easily decide that although some things might be nice, we just don’t have the time for them (because we are far too busy pursuing that goal), and shelf them for later. But then, wake up to know that later is no longer possible.

If goals begin as wishes, it might be important to make a periodic wish list. Our intuition might throw us an occasional frivolous wish that turns out to be a well planned goal that brings about great satisfaction and definte ease in finding and having the fulfillment we all desire. One that allows us to become what we thought was no more than wishful thinking.


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