Katherine/Beatrice and A Little Bird Named Betty


It is very difficult, at times, to stay inside the present moment. One of the functions of Intuition, is to help the individual to do just that, by reminding us of things past, or stretching us toward the future and further possibilities.

My last post here was about a Golden Eagle named Katherine/Beatrice. She is one of the wild creatures that inhabit my Personal Mythology. In the course of writing about how I came to meet and know her, I was reminded of the details of her story. How, because she was held in captivity from birth, she never learned how to fly and had to be taught to do so. Her teacher was a small speckled hen more suited to the ground, but who could, on occasion, lift herself in flight for a short space of time.

Both of these winged wonders were aspects of my own personality. Katherine/Beatrice was a symbol of my spirit, while the small speckled hen was that spirit encased in the earth-bound reality of a human body. Within the details of their story I could see my own reality of owning a spirit meant to soar, yet held in place by the physical limitations of human existence. Yet, these two were dependent on one another, and actually saved each other in their combined story.

At the end of my last post, I wrote that Katherine/Beatrice had come in the present moment with a purpose that I needed to take a closer look at. It was important now. She was here to remind me of her original story and how she learned to fly one small step at a time.

Over the past months, I have found that my anger level has been growing and creating a great deal of disruption in my existence. At first, as we often do, I aimed that anger outward and struggled really hard to control it so as not to do harm to others or myself. Then it occurred to me that I needed to do something more than just brood about my current situation. I needed to act to counter what was happening.

I started small, simply exploring what seemed to be, at least, a simple solution. I was aware that I had a very limited amount of mobility and was seeking some small way to end that reality. But, as I explored that possibility, others began to appear. Within a short (about two weeks) space of time, I went from looking at a used scooter to buying a car. That seems like a rather huge leap, but I needed to take those steps one at a time.

I had become rather accustomed to my lack of mobility, resigning myself to that reality, and not always very gracefully. Meanwhile, my circumstances had changed, but that actuality hadn’t quite caught up to the mindset of immobility. I was frustrated and using a great deal of my energies in blaming others for my inability to go and do things I wanted to do when I wanted to do them. Sounds a bit like a certain Golden Eagle who had all the built in equipment for flight, yet kept her wings folded because she simply didn’t know what they were capable of doing: lifting her skyward and soaring.

It also reminds me of how little we understand the function and reality of our own intuitive abilities and possibilities. Like that little brown speckled hen, keeping her head down while she pecks the earth and seldom looking up to the heavens for another path she could follow. As far as she was concerned, her wings were only meant for short bursts of activity in emergency situations only. But, when her friend Katherine/Beatrice was trapped and possibly dying, she found those other paths and used them.

So it is with our Intuition. Most often, we associate it with imagination, thinking those nudges are simply flights of fancy, wishful thinking to be ignored or dismissed, so we can get on with getting on. Thereby, completely missing some of the most important messages we may ever receive.

If I had failed to take note of this present message that Katherine/Beatrice and the little brown speckled hen were bringing, I might still be brooding and grousing over my lack of mobility. Instead, I’m planning a trip to visit friends and my grandchildren. Also aware that I had a great deal to do with creating that former situation. I definitely needed the push of their presence to see my own responsibility, or lack thereof.

Their story is my story and still retains a great deal to be learned. By the way, the little brown speckled hen is named Betty. That was my name throughout childhood and early adulthood. I switched to my baptismal name of Elizabeth when I discovered that Betty has no literal meaning. I was seeking meaning for my own person and the name Elizabeth has that in large quantities.

The little brown speckled hen is a personal symbol of my intuitive abilities. I have given her that name and she is loving the fact, preening herself, her feathers, and her wings. Together, we have found and established her meaning. Something we can both take pride in as we move through this new freedom she has helped me to find. The clear and obvious link, bond, between her and my spirit (Katherine/Beatrice), is one that allows me a much wider range of choices, as well as movement and action.

All birds, no matter their origins, are symbols of spiritual messengers. They move between the earth and heavens, carrying their particular messages between those two planes. Intuition is also a messenger. One that allows us to stay alert in the present moment, by sometimes reminding us of past experiences and what we have learned, and that might be useful now and in the future. And our spirit depends on those messages that are so often easily ignored.

Do you listen to those messages?


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