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Yesterday, I came here after being away for several weeks due to illness and a family crisis, as well as a computer breakdown. It was my intention to write about an experience I had while all that other busyness was going on. I wrote the article, here on site, but as I was copying it for my own files, I hit the wrong key and the whole article disappeared. It had been completely deleted.

Didn’t have time to go back and try it again, so decided to leave it til this morning. The article was about the incredible role our intuition plays in our creative endeavors. Because our intuition stores so much of our experience, while we are in the creative ‘zone’, it has our entire lifetime experience to use to move us through that process. Making those rapid fire connections, sometimes makes that process seem like a bit of magic, almost mystical in some ways.

I recently bought a sketchbook to use for doodling. As I have worked through those blank pages, one at a time, I have been repeatedly surprised and fascinated by what has been happening. The sketchbook has literally become a journal of images and marks the path of my ‘doodling’ journey and all the steps within that process. Each image seemed to prompt and build the next one.

The sketchbook came with 80 blank pages and there are only four of those remaining. I have ordered new sketchbooks and lots of new pens because the end of this first book is far from the end of my journey. What I find especially fascinating is that it actually allows me to see my own intuition at work, one image and step at a time. And, it also marks the path of the synchronicity that is also present in the creative process and journey.

One evening, while doodling, I wasn’t particularly happy with the results that were appearing on the page. But, I continued with the hopes that the end result might be more pleasing. Near the end of what I considered a not so good image, I flipped the sketchbook on its side to more easily get to the final section of the whole piece.

That new perspective was mind boggling and absolutely delightful. Without any conscious thought, I had created an image from a poem I had written nine years before. A poem that always made me smile and delighted me because it was about a moment of relationship with my then four year old granddaughter.

The next morning, as I was reading a Jeffery Deaver novel titled The Devil’s Teardrop, I came upon this quote:

Parker Kincaid believed in the psychological connection between our minds and our hands: personality revealed not by how we form letters… but through the substance of what we write and draw when we’re not really thinking about it. How we take notes, what little pictures we make in the margins when our minds are occupied elsewhere.

I had drawn the entire image from the side perspective. It was just a random pattern of repetitive lines and color. Just an attempt to find balance in those lines and color. Yet, here was an image that held a great deal of meaning for me on a personal level. As well as a message that I currently needed to hear in my present circumstances.

The quote made me dig out that old poem and really read it carefully. Inside of it, I found a message that would help me get through all the chaos and confusion that had seemed to be interrupting my current existence. A message that my four year old granddaughter had told me nine years before.

Besides all of that, the experience gave me something to write about after being absent from my blogs for weeks. Lengthy interruptions of the sort I had been experiencing can really jam up the flow. It’s hard to get back inside the rhythm and thought process after being away for any amount of time. Yet, my intuition stepped in and handed me a solution that covered whatever concern I might have had about any or all of it.

Creativity is play time, no matter how serious the individual may feel or think about that process. When we play, our minds are free to wonder and our intuition is free to insert new connections and ideas. And it will and does, sometimes with delightful and surprising outcomes. Do you allow yourself to play on a regular basis? If not, why not?

If you are interested, some of my sketchbook journey can be found at:
The poem and the image can be accessed at: It can be found under the title Cloud Factories.

Hope you enjoy, I certainly have.


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