Tricks and Treats

I went on an adventure this morning and never left home. I have been sick with a cold for several days and experiencing the decided blahs of a semi-depressive mood that has fogged my emotions, as well as my mental state. It hasn’t been pleasant to watch myself return to the occupation of couch potato, turning away from people and activities other than television and suspense novels.

This morning, in an attempt to pull myself out of that couched position, I visited the sites of a few internet friends. It became a step-by-step process of self-awareness. And ended in a bit of poetry. No one was more surprised than me. It has been a while since I have even attempted to put words into some sort of poetic form. And I could, but will not, bore you with the list of excuses I created for that absence, or lack of activity in my landscape.

And it was the last thing I intended to do as a result of taking this tangential journey this morning. The journey itself was simply a distraction meant to somehow prove that although almost non-functional, I still did exist somewhere in this keyboard arena. In other words, I was feeling a bit guilty. I haven’t been visiting the sites of others, let alone my own. So, of course, instead of coming here, I decided it was time to go see what others were doing and perhaps leave a comment,  at least proving my own presence.

I started with Diddums. Her blog was about Halloween costumes and how they have evolved and actually changed the face of that particular holiday. I didn’t leave a comment because I got lost in a train of thought that went something like this: we all wear costumes every moment of every day. What if one morning we all awoke and refused to wear them? Would that be a disaster or, a forward step in our own evolution?

My next stop was Shannon Writes . I had been there about a week ago, but had not stopped to read her explanation for the site. This time I left a comment because her statements hit me where it counts most. I am a Writer and thus, a Magician.

Thinking about that reality and how much I miss writing poetry, I then went to Farah’s place , only to find bright splashes of color instead of the poetry I was expecting. Color, being my second love, after words, brought my mood even further toward  happy than I have been in some time. Hey, I was actually smiling by then.

No internet  journey is quite complete, for me, without a stop to see what SL has created http://unguarded– . Can you say, “The Big Bang?” Whew! Nothing like getting hit in the head or having a wall suddenly fall on top of you while you are innocently distracting yourself from what you know you should be doing, but haven’t a clue how to even begin. The poem wrote itself directly from that step-by-step journey I had just taken. I left it right there in SL’s comments, then posted it on my poetry site

Happy Halloween. It’s really great when you can trick yourself into a treat that just happens to be exactly what you needed, but also allows you to disgard that couch potato costume you have been slipping into every waking moment. And a deep thank you, to all of my internet  friends.


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2 Responses to Tricks and Treats

  1. Diddums says:

    I would answer, only I’m sunk deep in my own sofa… LOL.
    Your costume comment reminds me of a blog post I read about masks, but I can’t remember who wrote it. It was a good one, though.

  2. 1sojournal says:

    Lol, I’m thinking about heading back toward that other screen at the moment, however, I am armed with a printed out design and numerous colorful pens. Problem is, I’m also reading a rather funny detective novel at the moment and also know I should be eating something but can’t remember the number of the delivery line at the local pizza place. The design doesn’t call for spicy red,garlic, or oregano and it’s really difficult getting the pizza through that small hole in my current mask. But, I think I may have stumbled onto the secret of instant oatmeal. It’s really glue in another food type costume and don’t tell anyone otherwise.

    Thanks so much for stopping by…

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