Negative Synchronity?


Due to a chaotic and very busy schedule, I have not been here for a while. My apologies. However, because of a recent blizzard (14 plus inches of snow and below 0 wind chill factors), I had a wonderful experience that was both healing and inspirational. For that story, you will have to go to

The experience was joyful and filled with a certain warm glow which was more than appreciated under the circumstances. However, within a few short hours of writing about it, I had another set of connections that left me with a bit of distress and a feeling of foreboding.

I am aware that no one else would make the same connections I did, and probably wouldn’t end up with the same feelings. As the last bit of synchronistic ‘coincidence’ clicked into place, I felt like a cold finger had walked down my spine. It wasn’t just that one piece however, it was all of the connections together.

Without going into a great amount of detail, here are the specific connective links. A book I was reading and had come across accidentally. A set of song lyrics mentioned in that reading. And an excerpt of Robin Williams on American Idol that I viewed on You Tube. None of these things were horrendous on their own. And yet they left me with  that dark shivery feeling.

Many years ago, in a class I was teaching, one of the students asked if there was such a thing as ‘negative synchronicity’. Without a great deal of thought, I said yes, I would suppose that to be a very real possibility. I went on to explain that I think all things are connected and that most things have a degree of possible contradiction. Thus it would seem that although we most often speak of synchronicity as a positive force or energy, it might just have a negative compliment.

Of course that opened up a very interesting discussion. I have, on occasion, thought about that discourse and wondered if I was correct in my assumptions. I have to admit that all of my experiences of synchronistic occurrences have brought me a sense of wonder and even joy. Yet, this current one did anything but.

As I have stated many times, intuition can be traced to our ability to sense what is happening around us. It is meant to sharpen our awareness and make us alert to that which will impact our well-being, making us aware, in any given moment, of the connectedness that surrounds us, but also some of the very real dangers inherent in those connections.

Although my feelings about this most recent experience are definitely not those positive warm fuzzies, that doesn’t make the synchronicity less important or even negative. It definitely felt like a warning. And I can honestly say I am far more alert than I have been. That, as far as I am concerned, is a good thing.

Our intuitive abilities to make connections is a positive energy that allows us to see more than we have in the past. That means the negatives as well as the positives. And synchronicity is an outcome of those enhanced and encouraged abilities. We definitely need both.

At the least, my current experience has made me alert to other possibilities. That doesn’t make the synchronicity involved negative, it is only my response that was negative. And it was a very definite nudge to stay open. I have become comfortable with the concept of synchronicity in my everyday life. Maybe too comfortable.

There is always the possibility for growth. And growth does not always feel like a good thing. Avoiding the possibility of growth because it feels threatening might leave us open to all sorts of disasters, both large and small.

I most often see synchronicity as a message that I am in the right place, doing the right thing. Perhaps, at this moment, I need to know the opposite. Or, at least stay open to that possibility. I am  making a concerted effort to do just that.

Do you ever feel that you are being warned? How do you deal with that reality? Do you dismiss it as nonsense, a bit of bad lunch, or an encounter with the wrong individual? Do you think that synchronicity might have a negative aspect? Just some questions to engender further thought.


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