The Path of Change

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If you’ve been here before, you will note that I have changed the visual theme of the blog in the past few days. It was a very spur of the moment decision and one that was fairly simple. All it took was a click of my mouse.

I usually prefer to use my own artistic endeavors to embellish my blogs. But, the moment I saw this image, I knew it was far better than what I had chosen months ago. I feel that this present image far better embraces the thrust of what I am writing about here.

I have told people, for years, that I live my life by following the signs and symbols around me. That means that my choices, and ultimately my decisions, are based in both objective and subjective elements. It isn’t an easy philosophy to follow because it demands that one be present to each moment, listening both to inner and outer voices, staying aware of ones surroundings and experiences.

Bottom level, it means staying open and being prepared for sometimes abrupt and rather drastic changes in thought and feeling. And trusting ones intuition to point one in the right direction/s. That may be the hardest part in all of this: trusting ones own mind and accumulated knowledge to recognize when change is necessary. It has been for me.

Although the decision to change the blog’s appearance was almost instantaneous, what led up to it took a while (years, actually) and constitutes a story in its own right. I won’t go into all of that, but I would like to speak of why the image holds such a deep sense of satisfaction for me.

The road in the image is very much one that is less traveled. Note the weeds at its center. There are sheep grazing in the sunlight that pours down on the right side of the photo, but also a hint of shadow in the background. The sheep are restricted by a fence, to keep them contained, not allowing them to wonder from its confines.

The figure on the left walks alone and is solitary. The path ends at the top of the image with a definite curve leading to who knows where? And that solitary individual is headed at that curve. He/she is surrounded by trees that are rooted in good nurturing soil, yet although they are all defined by one word, they remain distinct and individual.

The photographed individual walks in shadow, but there is light both behind and in front of him/her. For me the entire image speaks of all that is life and living. We are alone, walking our own individual paths, thinking creatures who must sort out what our journey is about and how to proceed from one moment to the next. Which, for me, means we have to depend on our own strengths and abilities.

Intuition is a built in sense like all the rest. In fact, it uses all of those other senses to preserve the life we are exploring and living. Honing it, learning to trust its input, would seem to be a major priority.

Put yourself in the image. That is you walking that quiet solitary road. Can you hear the car speeding down on you from around that curve up ahead? Or have you noticed the flicker of shadow that is a wolf, trying to get at those penned up sheep, and you are the only obstacle in its path of need to nurture itself? Or, are you simply lost in the tranquil beauty of the moment? And how creative can you be with that diverse number of choices and changes?

Change is the only constant. Sometimes forced upon us, other times chosen for very personal, but distinct, motives. As I said earlier, this was a simple and easy change for me. What led up to it was not always so. But, intuition plays a role in most of the things I do.

This click of a mouse on my computer also heralds an internal change. One that I may or may not choose to share. It depends on what I encounter on the other side of that curve in my path, but I do have intuition to help me and to lead me to creative responses. Do you?


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6 Responses to The Path of Change

  1. Mary says:

    Elizabeth, I do like the new look of your blog. (Interesting to me is that I changed the look of MY blog this past week too!) And I do like the picture. It will be interesting to see what you find / what anyone finds just around the curve. Probably another path leading into the distance to yet another curve. Methinks life is full of curves!

  2. Susan B says:

    Love the change. The Universe always provides the impetus and the vehicles for change. The larger problem is that we humans have a tendency to procrastinate and deny. Thanks for listening. And bigger thanks for hearing.

  3. 1sojournal says:

    Mary, what I found was my Father and his curiosity about what was beyond that next curve. He left me quite a legacy, and I wrote about it here:
    I agree with you about all the curves, and only hope that others will continue to explore and comment.


  4. 1sojournal says:

    Susan, how long have we been friends? Twenty-plus years? That wouldn’t be so if I didn’t find it worthwhile to listen and to hear. As far as procrastinating and denying: that’s exactly what makes us imperfect human beings, lol. As they say, “that 18 inches between the mind and the heart is the longest distance of all.”


  5. (I thought I commented on this post last week, but clearly did not! So I’m here again!) Voices and signs! When I ignore them, I find that my roads are rugged! Following them leads to strange places, but they are the “right” places at the time – till next time!

    • 1sojournal says:

      Hi Gemma,

      I like how you said that some strange places are the “right” places at the time. I have always felt that way. And have friends who will tell you that strange places are a bit of a habit with me, lol.


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