A Mistake In Treasure

for Writer’s Island prompt #11  treasure

It would be more than appropriate to say that Intuition is a treasure. That is what this blog is all about. But, over the past week, I have come to remember that mistakes are often treasures in disguise, and often fueled by intuition, or at least by synchronicity that intuition allows us to see and even understand.

Many years ago, someone told me that mistakes were just opportunities for God to get creative. Over the years since then, being what I am, an imperfect human being,  I believe I’ve given Divinity that opportunity a lot. However, when in the middle of shame or embarrassment, it isn’t easy to remember to look up and say, “Okay God, it’s in your ballpark now (as if God wouldn’t know that).”

First off, there is the matter of pride (which is most often a mistake): that need to know one can handle what life throws into the mix at any moment. That stiff upper lip and the stoic’s stance, might feel momentarily back stiffening, but in the end, we all need help a lot more than we are want to seek it.

And then there is Pride’s little sister, Embarrassment, that must be dealt with before one can open that mouth and ask for the help that is needed. And although a Goddess might be all forgiving and filled with mercy, Aunt Tilly or your brother Ralph might not be so inclined.

As a matter of fact, either of those two might even have a habit of taking a swing at the pride issue, if help is sought. May actually take some pride in pointing out the failing that brought on the mistake in the first place (then go off wondering why you have so much difficulty asking, of course).

But, (always there’s a but), we all come to those places, eventually, where we do have to ask, admit the mistake, and hope for a half-way decent outcome. And here’s the kicker: if the decent outcome should actually present itself, are we grateful, or do we brush a sleeve against a sweat stained forehead, and say, “Whew, that was a really close call, and aren’t I one lucky little devil?” Do I have to say that’s a mistake?

Besides the ‘God’ opportunities that mistakes can make, they can be seen as treasures because they are opportunities to learn a great deal about ones own person, how to correct whatever path we might have chosen in the past, and help us to actually become more creative. Take for instance: you have the opportunity to finally say something to someone that you’ve wanted to say for a long time (shades of Aunt Tilly and brother Ralph, perhaps). But, when the time arrives, something, some voice inside your head, cautions you against this golden opportunity and you let the moment slide.

Then you go home and kick yourself around the table a few times, call yourself names into the wee hours of morning, and are tired and frustrated when you arise. Several hours into your day, still brooding about the whole affair, you get a phone call and are given some really important information that was totally absent (by design, or otherwise) the night before when you, that wonderful moment, the voice in your head, and that other person collided. Was that God stepping in and getting creative? Perhaps.

But, more than likely, it was your own intuition protecting you from making an even bigger fool of yourself. And that is definitely worth being grateful for, is it not? Whew! That was a really close call, and that treasure called intuition that holds the key to that other treasury, is not a devil, but rather a gift, built into the system. But, if the gift is not opened, not used or honed, it could become a devil making sure you continue to make more than your fair share of both honest, or foolish, mistakes.

Back to our hypothetical situation. Was it just plain luck, or did something step in to give you the opportunity to become aware of an even bigger error? Okay, time to take off the mask. This isn’t really a hypothetical situation. This is pretty much what happened to me over the past week. You really didn’t think I could make this all up on the spur of the moment, did you?

What happened after the phone call was a whirlwind of activity, at least mind wise. I knew I had heard correctly and even agreed to keep my mouth shut. I just didn’t know why. But, again, intuition works on associations. Memories, images, words that had been spoken, actions taken, things forgotten, all came whirling through my mind to create a whole different landscape from my experiences. What’s more, within hours another completey different,  far better for all concerned, opportunity arose that could, might bring about an entirely different outcome from what would have occurred had I opened my mouth, and actually spoken.

God (or however one defines that essence) has already been creative, giving us the gifts of a mind and heart that do often (that’s the problem with imperfection) make mistakes. But, also an intuition that can itself be creative with those mistakes: using them as lessons in how not to make them over and over again, or protecting, while preventing, us from making some of them at all.

We each own a treasury of mistakes (even if we don’t have a deep desire to roll around in their ‘golden’ opportunities’), and many of us also own a built in Aunt Tilly or a brother called Ralph, and the knowledge that we most likely will be making even more mistakes in whatever future we might still have.

Intuition can unlock the vault of that treasury and help us correct our trajectory , and maybe even prevent us from being, or acting, in some sort of foolish or harmful manner. We can be grateful for that. I certainly know that I am.


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19 Responses to A Mistake In Treasure

  1. systematicweasel says:

    Interesting thoughts here. It’s important to treasure the things you learn from the mistakes made. A nice take on the prompt!


  2. 1sojournal says:

    Hi weasel, you are right, of course. It is important to treasure what we learn from such experiences. They are treasures in their own right. But, we also have a tendency to repeat the mistakes we make, quite often, even turning them into habits. If we see them as a sort of treasure, we might more readily recognize them when the opportunity they offer comes along. Might more readily accept the reality of our imperfection.

    And I could be wrong altogether( it certainly wouldn’t be the first time), and may have jumped the gun on this one. Thank you for your very thoughtful response.


  3. pamela says:

    Elizabeth intuition is our biggest help in life situations nice poem for the prompt!

  4. Stan Ski says:

    Perhaps intuition is the treaure from the knowledge gained by the mistakes we make.

  5. 1sojournal says:

    Lol, Stan, I really like that. Teach me to think the mind came first and then the lessons, when it just as well could be that the lessons came to build the mind. Thanks Stan,


  6. Mary says:

    I do love reading your philosophical / psychological wonderings/ wanderings. I do believe God has given us the intuition to be creative with our mistakes, that all of our mistakes lead us somewhere….and to something good.

    • 1sojournal says:

      Hi Mary,

      glad you like them. I actually enjoy writing them, and am often surprised at how much I learn in doing so. What’s funny is when I go back and read them months later and find myself nodding my head and saying out loud, “Hey, yah, that makes sense, good write.” Let’s cross our fingers that the day doesn’t dawn when I comment and submit that on one of them, lol. Joking aside, I love the fact that I didn’t find blogging until now. There is so much more experience to draw on. And I’m not sure which I enjoy more: the prompts themselves, the writing they promote, or the comments back and forth afterward.


      • Mary says:

        I feel the same way, Elizabeth. I love to write, see what people say about it, and also read my things some months / years later. I also enjoy reading what others write, seeing what others say about it, etc. It is a wonderful creative circle.

  7. vivinfrance says:

    and my habitual mistake is never knowing when to shut my mouth! Thanks for your thoughts and insights.

    • 1sojournal says:

      You too? Then I think, hey you got one life, best to express whatever it is cause if there really is another go round, you don’t want to be dragging all that garbage from this one into all that fresh new ground.

      And I always like reading what you have to say. Gets me thinking, so please don’t stop. I, for one, don’t think that’s a mistake.


  8. anthonynorth says:

    You raise an important point here. I’ve written somewhere that wise people usually begin as idiots. Those mistakes are often so vital.

    • 1sojournal says:

      Anthony, I couldn’t agree more. And I love your take on it. How would we learn anything without them, and then, life would be so dull and boring.

      I tell people that wisdom is applied knowledge and the gulf between them is the learning process. We live in a time that values knowledge, yet seems to have forgotten that knowledge needs to go somewhere, hopefully forward.

      Thanks for stopping, Anthony,


    • 1sojournal says:

      Thank you gautami, but your poem is still haunting me. The images it brought up, remain stark and vivid.

      It is amazing to me how many very gifted and talented individuals there are, who are so readily willing to share their gifts, and do it with freedom and grace. I sometimes want to pinch myself that I have stumbled upon such a treasure trove of constant inspiration.


  9. Dee says:

    wonderful post – I too have given the creator multitudes of opportunities to get creative. I would be so much better off if I would listen to that little internal voice that tells me I should or shouldn’t do something.

    • 1sojournal says:

      Wouldn’t we all, lol. That need of self-trust shows itself most glaringly in this particular arena. There are days when it seems an effortless thing to do, and there are those when I build a wall between that internal voice and the ears and heart with which I was created. More lessons.


  10. Jingle says:

    in other words, 6th sense is precious as treasure,
    very witty take …

    my entry is up!


    • 1sojournal says:


      far more precious than we know for the most part. I have been to your site and delighted in your poem. Thanks for stopping, reading, and commenting.


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