Perfectly Peerless


For Writers Island prompt #30  Peerless

Got to admit, my head and heart took a dive when I saw what the prompt was for today. Peerless? What do I know of peerless? So, I stalled around, hemmed and hawed, almost decided not to do this one.

Besides, I have been writing nothing but poetry for weeks now, every single day, and sometimes two poems in one day. My prose skills have probably faded away and need to be polished and practiced before being put out here in public. Had pretty much convinced myself not to bother with any of it.

But, just to be on the safe side, and at least be able to say that I had made some sort of effort, I went to the dictionary. In my mind, peerless was somehow akin to perfection. I was sort of right, but also wrong. It actually means without equal, one of a kind, unmatchable.

But, even though it is sort of related to perfection, yet isn’t, the word itself stumped me. Do I know anyone, anything that is peerless? Just more hemming and hawing, trying to find a way past and beyond the prompt, an escape hatch that would allow me to say, no way can I do this one. I simply can’t.

But, can’t is what we do and say when we won’t. Can’t is absolutely unable, while won’t is a choice being made. Really big difference there. And I was definitely using the one in order to avoid the other. And that is not acceptable (for me, at least). But, that also means I’m still stuck with that word peerless.

Okay, so peerless means that something is one of a kind, has no equal. Is, in fact, unique. Suddenly all of that hemming and hawing has now become humming. What is unique? I am, you are, my sister is, her husband as well, each of my children, and all of my friends, both on and offline. None of them can be replaced, and I would definitely feel the hole where they existed, were I to lose even one of them. And some of them (fingers crossed, all of them), might or would feel the same if I were to become lost, beyond reach.  

This past week, I took a very quick trip back to the city where I used to live. Was gone for just over twenty-four hours. Felt the crunch of time and too many people I wanted, needed to see and have contact with. Because each of them is unique, holds that special place inside of me for varied reasons. A blitz of words, faces, memories and feelings, bits of stories exchanged, and arrangements made that couldn’t possibly fit all of them in. And a piercing awareness of the ones that were missed, and were unable to make contact.

Like my oldest granddaughter who is fourteen today. Or a friend who called, left a message that I managed to miss altogether until I had already returned home. These are individuals who can not be replaced by any other. They are peerless. We all are.

Yes, we may share some characteristics, may even be a bit stereotypical in some of our views, opinions, and attitudes, but there is something unique about each of us. There is a bend in our story where we went right, and another might have gone wrong, or just left. And I find that, that bit of difference is usually the draw that attracts me. Pulls me into relationship with that individual.

And that reality, in turn, marks my world as peerless. Unique, and unable to be matched, or equaled by another. I love the fact that life is priceless, and that mine is peerless. Can only hope that yours is the same and brings you as much comfort and satisfaction. We are both without equals and that is perfectly peerless, as well as awesome.


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16 Responses to Perfectly Peerless

  1. Yes, I love your write. You are right, when we realize everything is unique, even our lives which would fit only us. Even if sometimes we complain, wouldn’t trade it for another. Kinda makes one in awe about the whole thing.

    Thanks for your comment, trying on “never”, trying to see if you are “right.” Never might better, I’m not sure, I’m listening for the sound.

    • 1sojournal says:

      Annell, yes we are, each of us unique. It’s why I try to find similarities rather than differences, because I believe the similarities will allow us to accept the differences. And yes, we do complain, but would we trade it all away for something else? I don’t think so. And my suggestion was only a suggestion. You will choose the best for you, just as I do. Thanks Annell,


  2. vivinfrance says:

    I appreciate the effort of will and conscience that made you take up the prompt, and also the inspiring way that your prose succeeds. If you had made poetry of that, it would probably have been too wordy and preachy. As it is, you have given us a valuable message.

    • 1sojournal says:

      Thank you Viv. This one wouldn’t have done well with poetry. I found myself all over the page with the word itself. Had to bring it into my sphere somehow and this was the best I could do. And I am still a bit leery of the whole thing. Was just satisfied to get it down and be done with it, lol. That happens a lot lately,


  3. gospelwriter says:

    thought-provoking exploration of what it means to be peerless – goes beyond the usual perception… which (usual) has the effect of making one feel less than, because as you say, we tend to equate it with perfection. well done

    • 1sojournal says:

      Thank you Ruth. Wonder why we equate perfection with peerless. It really doesn’t mean that, but we do it anyway. As though anything, especially anyone, who might have no equal is also perfect. And that isn’t possible. Semantics are such a mine field at times.


  4. pamela says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I also looked up the word peerless, just so I was clear on its meaning. We are all individuals and that is what makes this world ever so interesting
    and wonderful. I appreciate all those I have encountered in my life thus far. Even the negative aspects have taught me so much. I love this post.
    Have a nice weekend.

    • 1sojournal says:

      Pamela, thanks for mentioning the other side of the coin. Some of the most negative people in my life have been peerless in their negativity and like you, they have been some of the most outstanding lessons I have had to learn. I hear another essay whispering around here, but not today, lol.


    • 1sojournal says:

      I’m so glad you came back Anthony. I wasn’t sure what this comment meant. I had all kinds of questions, lol. I even thought that maybe you meant you are not a letter q in need of a letter u to make sense, or to work right. Very glad you cleared that up,


  5. anthonynorth says:

    I’m not quite sure about this one. What is unique? Isn’t it just a new slant on an old theme? The slant can be unique, but isn’t everything part of a continuing story of reinvention?
    You’ve got me thinking.

    • 1sojournal says:

      And actually you have me thinking as well. As I said above, semantics can be a mine field. This one was for me because peerless is not a common American word at all. It is far more a European, even British slant. Which means that you would definitely question my equation and rightfully so. I felt a need to get clear of the word itself and that turned into unique. Unique, I can handle. Peerless, not so much. Hope I didn’t offend.

      History says, and shows us, that all things are a part of reinvention. We miss the mark and adjust the trajectory. And to some extent, I think that is much of what I was engaged in when writing this. Not trying to invent a new language, just trying to get a different handle on the old one. And the old one already has a few too many kinks in it. I enjoyed the word play and will probably get caught doing it again. Thanks for your comments,


  6. Reflections says:

    Yes, unique, peerless individuals, unlike any one other person, important to those around us… thank you for the reminder!

    • 1sojournal says:

      And you are welcome, Reflections. Not so sure of this one. As Anthony helped me see, its not common usage. I’m sure the word itself has a long history with lots of connotations, denoting different and subtle changes in meaning. I was certainly looking for something more familiar and ‘unique’ filled the bill in the moment. However, I really do have friends, even family members, I consider peerless without equal, and know them to be one of a kind. That’s because they are unique. Thanks much for visiting and joining in the conversation,


  7. nimaruichi says:

    The prompt took you on a unique journey, and you took us along with your peerless prose 🙂 !

    • 1sojournal says:

      Whew! Thank you for that Nimaruichi. My prose has always had some problems, lol. Which just means I go back over it several times, and then still find errors days and weeks later. But, I will grab that word and put it in my kudo box. First time for all things. Thank you, again,


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