A Quest For Soul


For Writers Island prompt #32  Quest

A quest is a long journey of seeking. It often results in many smaller journeys all bent toward the same goal. Adventures, meant to teach the questor, what will be needed in order to obtain that goal. But, just what is that goal?

Joseph Campbell, leading Mythologist of the past century, wrote that we find the path to our individual wholeness by seeking, then following our bliss. He used Myth, stories to explain that journey of constant seeking. The word bliss would seem to imply that what each of us is seeking is that which will make us truly happy. And that would, in turn, seem to point to an unusual level of selfishness. But does it?

When we are happy, content, accepting each moment and living within it fully, that affects everything we do, each decision we make, and everyone we come in contact with, or meet. Ah, but would that mean that energy would be met with a like and positive response? No.

We all know individuals who bridle at the very thought that happiness might be a goal in and of itself. People who would work overtime to poke holes in such a reality and find their own peculiar pleasure in doing so. Are they simply finding and following their own definition of bliss? Maybe.

I have a theory about what Campbell really meant when he used that word bliss. I truly believe he was speaking of Joy. The simple joy to be found in being alive, within any given moment. I think he was suggesting that if we seek and find what gives us, as individuals, the deepest joy, we will find a priceless commodity.

To me, that means, we have found and are able to follow that still small voice within us, we call the soul. That essential element within our own skin, that distinguishes us, one from another. And because we have found it, are following it, we can give our world, that which is ours alone to give. That which the world needs in order to feed its own soul.

And if we were each busy finding and following our own soul, we might not see a need to fix all those other souls around us. Now, that is my idea of true bliss, lol. You take care of your soul, and I’ll take care of mine. The world would definitely be a different place, now wouldn’t it?

This blog is about enhancing ones own Intuition by being Creative. For me, Intuition is the voice of the soul. And it always leads to some Creative endeavor, because creativity is healing energy. And each of us, and our world, needs that element in order to survive and to continue flourishing.

I have been writing for a long time. Recently, someone asked me if I have ever done any writing about soul. Had to think about that, but when I did, I started laughing. All of my writing is about soul. Writing is my Soul Work. But, I also color and that is soul work as well.

Depression is a world turned gray. It is a suppression of the still small voice of the soul. Coloring is putting color back into the world. Filling that grayness with other things, other hues, that speak to emotions held in containment, needing release. It is feeding the soul, mine and that of the world around me. And the same can be said for writing.

Words are the vehicle for thoughts and ideas. These words, on this page, are my thoughts and ideas about Soul. Maybe my friend, who asked me the question, isn’t the only one searching for Soul, seeking a definition, that will satisfy her.

For a long time, I didn’t use the word Soul because it had a religious connotation. I’m not into selling religion. So, I found other words to say what I meant. But, in that process, I discovered a great many things. Thoughts and ideas about Soul that I might not have otherwise found. My soul knew exactly what was needed, even if I didn’t. By following the words, I found a whole lot of soul I’d been missing.

So, what exactly is Soul? Is it the bliss that Campbell wrote about? The Grail of the Arthurian tales, and other myths? Is it only speaking of a religious definition about human existence? Like most things, soul is only what you make of it.

Personally, I think that finding, feeding, and following my soul is the only real quest and purpose of my existence. I also think it is the same for you, but you have to find that on your own. And I sincerely hope that you do.


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10 Responses to A Quest For Soul

  1. vivinfrance says:

    A very thoughtful post, which gives me a lot to think about, too. I shall need to come back and re-read this!

  2. Really enjoyed reading this 🙂

  3. Mary says:

    As always, Elizabeth, your words are thought provoking. I would tend to agree with you that ‘bliss’ is ‘joy.’ I also think there is nothing wrong in humans having happiness as a goal. Why not? Better than having sadness as a goal.

    I probably differ from you in my thoughts on soul. I do look at soul from a religious perspective. I have my body, and I have my soul. Hopefully, when I die, my soul will go to heaven; to be joined by my body later. I know this is traditional, but so be it. But while I am alive I also believe that my soul holds the essence of who I am.

    I don’t really believe we can ‘find’ our own soul. Our soul IS whether we acknowledge it or not. We cannot change our soul. I cannot change my soul. It is I. However, by my life and what I choose to do with it, I can influence where my soul will go in the hereafter. My soul reflects my belief system and how I live my life.

    I agree with your statement that soul is only what you make of it. Every person can interpret soul in his/her own way. I don’t think I have to find my soul. It IS. But I do need to nourish it. Perhaps THAT is the purpose of life.

    Thank you for your thought-provoking words!

    • 1sojournal says:

      And thank you Mary, for your thought provoking response. I think we are more in agreement than not. I was brought up in a very distinct and somewhat heavy-handed religious tradition. Eventually, I walked away from the tradition, but not the spiritual belief system it engendered. I had a ‘spiritual experience’ when I was twenty-seven. For me, that is when I found my soul.

      I agree with you, that my soul was always there, whether I was consciously aware of it or not. But, in that moment of epiphany, I did become consciously aware of my soul as the very essence of my being. The rest of my story is that of staying consciously aware and nurturing that which I had found. Allowing that essence to grow and guide me through whatever comes.

      I do believe there are many who never become consciously aware of that essence within them. I believe that because I had that experience of becoming aware in a deeply profound manner. The world, and my place in that world, was changed in that one moment and has never been quite the same.

      And that is the point from which I am speaking in this essay. I don’t believe others must have that experience. Some, like yourself, simply know it. Then some of us need to be slammed upside the head, lol. The last line of your comment is that perhaps the purpose of life is to nourish ones soul. I am in total agreement with that and with you when you say it.

      Thanks for your words and thoughts. Hugs, my friend,


  4. pamela says:

    I am totally moved by this piece. Are we not all looking for some piece of mind and feeling of contentment. When someone comes along as you say and tries to poke holes in it. It makes me wonder if they are so truly unhappy with themselves, that they find some joy in hurting others. I have no answers to these questions, but I know one thing I can try and be the best person I can be. Even when faced with adversary, I can write about that. I feel that helps me deal with people/situations like that.

    • 1sojournal says:

      Oh Pamela, you are preaching to the choir, lol. I so agree. Writing is a tool, a tool that often brings us to conscious awareness. Maybe because we are actually listening to our soul and allowing ourselves, by writing what we hear, to actually see what our soul is trying to tell us?

      And no, the answers don’t always come immediately. Sometimes they come one layer, one small word at a time. All we need do is keep writing. Eventually, we will find the answers we need. They are all there inside of us, and isn’t that amazing?


    • pamela says:

      that would be adversity or an adversary 🙂
      I need to proof better!

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