15 Minutes: Summary and Conclusion


The Journey Ends And Another Begins

Have to confess, I was very reluctant to get out of bed this morning. That is quite unusual for me. I rise each morning, knowing I am going to write something. It begins with a page in my journal and then I move on to my blogs.

Near the end of his book about the stages of the Hero’s Journey, appropriately titled The Writer’s Journey, Christopher Vogler sums it up in this brief paragraph:

But take hope, for writing is magic. Even the simplest act of writing is almost supernatural, on the borderline with telepathy. Just think: We can make a few abstract marks on a piece of paper in a certain order and someone a world away and a thousand years from now can know our deepest thoughts. The boundaries of space and time and even the limitations of death can be transcended.

My personal reluctance earlier, came from the knowledge that I would be ending this particular journey this morning. It has been an exciting and very satisfying trip, and like any other human being, I feel a sadness to have it come to an end. But, mingled with that sadness is a deep sense of having come full circle.

Every life is a journey, many of them, as a matter of fact. My journey ends with the beginning of a new one, fueled by the one I have written here on these pages, which in turn was fueled by the one that came before it, and the one before that. I have often said, and written, that I have lived many lives, each journey is an adventure, a life coming full circle.

Although, I have been aware for many years, that the Hero’s Journey is an important issue in each individual life, as I wrote this story, I was again made more deeply aware of that reality. I may not have directly mentioned each of the stages within that journey, but they are here in the details and the encounters of which I have spoken.

In the Hero’s Journey, the task is to leave the ordinary world, to seek, find, and struggle to possess the magic elixir and bring it’s potion back to that ordinary world. Why? Because the elixir is always a healing element. It is always meant to heal that ordinary world, right what has been turned topsy-turvy, bring fresh air to a stagnant experience, to bring light into what may have become no more than shadows.

I am all about the nurture of the soul. Writing for me, became that most basic form of nurture. But, what was the elixir I brought back from my personal adventure? I’ll let Vogler explain that:

Writing is an often perilous journey inward to probe the depths of one’s soul and bring back the Elixir of experience –a good story. Low self-esteem or confusion about goals may be the Shadows that chill our work, an editor or one’s own judgmental side may be the Threshold Guardians that seem to block our way. Accidents, computer problems, and difficulties with time and discipline may torment and taunt us like Tricksters. Unrealistic dreams of success or distractions may be the Shapeshifters who tempt, confuse, and dazzle us. Deadlines, editorial decisions, or the struggle to sell our work may be the Tests and Ordeals from which we seem to die but are Resurrected to write again.

This may be my story, but it is everyone’s story as well. You don’t have to be a writer to learn from it, or understand all of its pathos. If you are willing to risk living your life fully, you will easily see and comprehend these same realities within your own process, whatever that might be. I wrote this story because another writer asked me some questions about my experience with the Grammy Nomination. And I couldn’t be more grateful that she did.

Story is healing, it is good medicine. No one needed to hear this story more than myself. If for no other reason than those issues of low self-esteem and confusion. Writing it, telling it here in this public forum, has allowed me to far more intimately know its details and connect them in a new and different awareness.

There is always some reward attached to completing the task and the journey. Mine was being allowed to teach others about the meaning within their own story. Teaching them the tools necessary for unraveling that experience, untangling all of its filaments, and making the connections that would help them move forward to even more of the same. The very tools I had discovered and learned to use in earlier journeys.

It is my hope that this current writing might do the same for others. I, for one, am once again leaving my ordinary world, setting out on yet another journey, a new adventure. I will be following in my own footsteps, this story echoing in my ears, keeping me good company, reminding me of those same tools, the world of possibilities, and the magic which awaits.

Thanks for listening,

Elizabeth  3/25/11


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12 Responses to 15 Minutes: Summary and Conclusion

  1. Ellen says:

    This whole series was magic; I can’t thank you enough for sharing! It was like I needed to hear your words, at this time in my life. Your words made me feel connected to your journey. I am grabbing your arm; I want more ;-D lol

    Honestly, it was refreshing to read your insight, the highs n’ lows. I learned how even though I know my family would be happier, if I gave up this path I’m now on. I cannot.
    It is my destiny to try to bridge my former self, that was detoured long ago. You, being brave and sharing your courage, your story drives me to continue on and gives me hope~ Thank you Elizabeth for sharing this precious gift~xXx

    • 1sojournal says:

      Lol, it is good to know that I managed to answer at least some of your questions, Ellen. Although, I realize that these last 25 days have added almost 30,000 words to this blog, I am also aware that it could easily be doubled or more. I am doing a poetry project at the moment, but after that I might come back and fill this rough draft with more of the story, at least the several parts I know, after back reading, that I missed altogether.

      In a strange way, I fully understand what you are saying. My own journey got side tracked and detoured when my disabilities became too much to handle and again when my mother needed care-giving. But, I think those things brought me back here to the words and the writing. And your questions got me started here and the work of sorting this from that. In my own way, I am just as deeply grateful to you.

      I wish you the very best, Ellen, and thank you,


  2. Susannah says:

    I really enjoyed reading along with you, as you told of your journey. Thank you Elizabeth for allowing us to share in this experience through your words. x

    • 1sojournal says:

      Susannah, thank you for taking the time to read it. I feel a bit like I just took part in the Nanowrimo challenge, except this is not a novel on any level. It felt good to know that I could do this, already had the right place for it, and just had to focus in a bit. And was amazed at how clear the memories still remain. I’m glad to know that you found value in the sharing,


  3. Mary says:

    Elizabeth, I enjoyed accompanying you on your journey. I am glad you saw it through from beginning to end, and I have no doubt some day it will be a book! I enjoyed thinking about a ‘hero’s journey.’ At some point I know I read some of Chris Vogler’s work. We really never know where our journey will go, do we? But we are each a hero in our own life. I hope to instill this in my grandchildren so that they will know this early. Good luck to you on your journey, wherever it will take you.

    • 1sojournal says:

      Thank you so much my friend. It feels so good to know that you and others were there with me through this process of healing. And it has definitely been a healing experience. I learned a great deal about me in the writing.

      No, we really don’t, can’t know where our journey will take us. But, no matter, we are our own heroes, if we allow it to be so. I think your hope of instilling this in you grandchildren is a wonderful thing. And I wish the same for you and your journey. Thanks again, Mary,


  4. Tilly Bud says:

    I’m sad the journey has reached its natural conclusion but glad to have come along for the ride.

    • 1sojournal says:

      And I am grateful that you did, Tilly Bud. Writing this has been an impetus toward other things and the reawakening of dreams I had forgotten. I only hope it had, or has, the same affect on others. It will serve its purpose, as all things do.

      I was sad to see it end as well. But, other doors have been opened and I find that I still have a few thresholds to cross and some Guardians to deal with. At my age, that is incredibly amazing! Here’s to all those doors and windows,


  5. Dear Elizabeth You know I haven’t been able to read what you have written, yet. My schedule has been so busy right now. But I will, perhaps I will find the block of time, I can read it all at once. This is a wonderful post, I like it very much. And I thought of the phenix rising again….again….again….and that is what we do. Sometimes it feels like it will kill us….but after a little while (just time to lick our wounds) we rise again. Good to think about the journey of our lives….all different, all the same.

    • 1sojournal says:

      Some writer once said that there are really only two or three stories out there, with only minor changes in the details to mark the differences. And yet story is still one of the most basic teaching tools we own, and good medicine for all of that.

      Don’t apologize Annell, there is no need. I truly believe that I, more than anyone else, was supposed to ‘hear’ this story, at this time. Mission accomplished, lol.


  6. jinksy says:

    Even the simplest act of writing is almost supernatural, on the borderline with telepathy.

    I think that’s what lead me to read this post today – the magic X factor – for you’ve expressed something I’ve felt for a long while. Thank you!

    • 1sojournal says:

      And thank you Jinksy. Haven’t been to this site for a while, too busy with NaPoWriMo and my sister. Your comment was in my spam folder, and I don’t know why. Just glad I found it, better later than never.

      Just went back and reread the post myself, and am quite amazed at the almost prophetic sound of it, now that I am completing yet another journey. One that has stretched me and my skills and abilities. Am glad you found whatever it was you needed in the moment of writing your comment. I think I must now go back and reread this entire story again. I finished it and jumped right into the next thing. Need to go back and really take a better look at the whole thing. And thank you for drawing me back at this time. Obviously necessary for both of us. Love it when that happens,


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