Discussion #19: Synchronicity

We are five days into the PAD Challenge and yesterday, I experienced a moment of synchronicity that was profound. I am a firm believer in the process of writing. I believe that writing on a regular basis, deeply activates ones creative energies, and those energies attract the element of synchronicity. At least, that is how it works for me.

Synchronicity is when two or more diverse things: elements, thoughts, experiences, etc., come together and bring a light to our understanding that was not present before. There are those who define it as a moment of enlightenment, and I would certainly agree with that.

One of the reasons I continue to write is because that synchronistic energy is present when I do so. So this week, I’d like to hear about what you think of synchronicity, how it works in your experience, and if you have an experience, related to your writing, about such a moment of enlightenment.

I have not been readily present on the prompt circuit of late. The poetry was coming, but often with difficulty. So, I stepped back away and simply did what I could do. Then decided it was time to get back to the poetry, so committed myself to the PAD Challenge, hoping I wouldn’t fall flat on my nose in that attempt.

And yesterday, when several things came together, that would not have if I hadn’t been responding to the Challenge, I was deeply grateful. I had an appointment and during it, something was said that pulled up a deep rush of anger. I didn’t react, but simply acknowledged what was happening inside of me. Then this morning, when I went in search of the day’s prompt, it slipped with ease into that new awareness from the day before. So, I wrote about the experience and learned a great deal more in the process.

That is why writing is a corner stone of my life. And it’s why I will probably never stop doing it. It is a constant source of knowing and learning. Would like to hear how and what you think and feel about synchronicity in your own writing process.

The mic is open:


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  1. anl4 says:

    Yes, it seems synchronicity is always present in our creative attempts. I never know,and that is why I write. I want to know, what am I thinking, what might be hiding, just out of sight. What am I thinking about, when I don’t know I am thinking. Thank you for the discussion.

  2. annell says:

    A Question came to mind. Do you think that a poet’s “voice” is always there? I guess what I am asking is… often I think the “voice” is recognizable in a person’s work. Is it always the same “voice?” And for all times?

  3. Mike Patrick says:

    There are times when events come together as synchronicity, but most of those times blow past like a spring wind. It takes something like having to chase your hat across the street to bring it to the fore enough to recognize it. Perhaps that comes under the heading of an epiphany.

    We spend our lives acquiring knowledge, building skills, having experiences, meeting people and networking. When various parts come together, it should not be a surprise. Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” Maybe that is what creativity is all about.

    My poetry muse has gone on an extended retreat to somewhere in the Mediterranean. I’m having a difficult time making anything sound like poetry. Along comes Richard Walker, from “Sadly Waiting for Recess,” who is writing a novel during November. I mention my writing problem to Paula, from “When Words Escape,” and she tells me it might not hurt to step back and try something different—like writing a novel like Richard (meeting people and networking). When I told her I didn’t have anything to write about, she said, Write a mystery about a cop/poet (acquiring knowledge, building skills, having experiences).

    Now, I am freewriting a novel. How stupid is that? Most poems I write start out as a freewrite, but a novel? No one can keep up a freewrite to a novel length, and no freewrite can be coherent enough for a novel; yet, here I am. And I’m having fun. It may never make it to a novel, but the experience is exhilarating and worthwhile if for nothing but that.

    I’m not keeping up with my blog very well, and my poetry is circling the porcelain bowl, but I’m trying to write something once or twice a week, and the novel is looking like it will require a few poems in its nonexistant plot. All in all, it’s good: synchronicity.

    I love this community!

    • Tilly Bud says:

      Mike, that’s wonderful! I’ve read some of your prose and you have nothing to worry about. Trying new things is what keeps us fresh as writers, what challenges us to do better.

      I definitely believe in synchronicity; so many of my poems would not have happened if I hadn’t just been doing this, watching that, reading about the other.

    • Mr. Walker says:

      I have to echo Mike’s last sentence. I love this community! I don’t know whether it’s synchronicity or sympathy or some combination of the two that needs its own term, but there is something magic in what happens here. We find these connections online, in word prompts, in each other’s poems, in our comments to each other, and here at Writers Speak. We have places and ways to share and inspire each other. We “conspire” – we breathe together. There is magic in that.

      And, Mike, you can freewrite a novel. People do it all that time during NaNoWriMo. They call themselves “pantsers” – they fly by the seat of their pants. I can’t write a novel that way; I’m a “plotter”. But it’s done all the time. “Bravo” to you for starting such a writing project. It’s not stupid (crazy maybe) – and I’m glad you’re having fun. And “Brava” to Paula for suggesting it.

      And don’t worry about coherence. That comes in revision and editing. Just write and enjoy it. Writing is its own reward.


  4. Jinksy says:

    Synchronicity I live with as a fact of life, though not necessarily connected to writing.One of the most astonishing examples was when I’d been speaking to a friend about a picture I’d seen, which they told me was a portrait of Dennis Diderot – a name I’d never heard before. Our conversation over, I put down the phone and switched on my radio. Imagine my surprise when the first words to come over the airwaves were ‘Dennis Diderot’!! Apparently there was a series of talks scheduled to broadcast over the next four weeks, and I had unwittingly tuned into the beginning of the first one…Had the universe been listening to me, or had I been listening to it in Time Warp mode?!

  5. Jinksy says:

    Perhaps I should have added, the person to whom I was speaking turned out to be a former creative writing tutor, whose knowledge I have found invaluable, on the subject of language/poetry/writing… Perhaps there was even more synchronicity at work than I’d realised…

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  7. vivinfrance says:

    Synchronicity – one of my favourite words. It seems to happen all the time – Tilly’s just come in with the next instalment of our collaborative renga, so I’ll be off.

  8. pmwanken says:

    I am behind…the new discussion is up (but I’ve not read it yet) because I vowed to add my thoughts to this discussion before the new one posted. SO…I am blatantly pretending that #20 is still waiting in the wings. 😉

    A couple weeks ago I used the words “serendipitous synchronicity” to describe an event that happened October 27, 2011, ONE YEAR to the day after I wrote my first poem (as an adult): I signed my first “author’s agreement” to allow some of my poetry to be included in an anthology. It astounded me that it was the EXACT date! And had it not been for the “gremlins” that had conspired against me (and the rest of our group) in delivery email attachments, I would have received the document 2-3 days earlier and thought nothing of it. Something about a week prior had prompted me to look up the date of that first poem…and it wasn’t until I was putting the date next to my name on the agreement that I realized the connection. And I called it “serendipitous synchronicity.”

    However, since then, I’ve actually been thinking quite a lot about synchronicity. Even before this post. (Which…then made me think about it even more! My goodness…all of this synchronicity is making my head spin! 😉 ) In spite of having already USED the word, I have even gone to the dictionary to look it up — to be sure I had used the word correctly. The story I just told, the example Mike provided (above), and the countless other stories in just the past year of my life (since starting writing) are too many to attribute to what I found in the dictionary: coincidental occurrence of events.

    So….what is it, then? What is it that has been connecting dots–in what I thought initially was a random pattern but more recently recognize its logical sequence–to give shape to “Paula the Poet”? (hmm….if only the chosen shape was slimmer–ha! …I digress.)

    My spiritual beliefs have been an overlay on all other aspects of my life. Even in the early stages of writing, my awareness of the fact God, my creator, had put a gift in me that had been dormant for so many years, was now stirring the pot to begin using that gift.

    So…why would it surprise me that God, my creator, would care enough to not allow random, coincidental circumstances to occur? Rather…that He could orchestrate the events for His plan and purpose…and my pleasure. Because for just such reasons as mentioned by Mike and Richard, I also am incredibly blessed by this community of poets. I have been welcomed with open arms (and computer screens!), I have been loved and encouraged, challenged and cheered. I have been depended on…and helped. I have become (or rather, am “becoming”) the writer God meant for me to become. And I am doing so among some of the best friends one could ever want. I believe with all that I am that God has given me that blessed gift.

    I know that not everyone reading this post will be reading from the same faith background, and may disagree with the vantage point I have shared. However, after having pondered “synchronicity” for a couple weeks…and the impossibility of so many coincidental happenstances…naturally, the only answer for me was super. Supernatural, that is.

    Thank you, each one of you, for being obedient to your call to poetry. For listening to your muse…following the synchronistic path of circumstances…or walking the path of faith. I am grateful to be among you.

    ~ Paula

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