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That Illusive Safe Place

  For Sunday Scribblings writing prompt: Safe http://sundayscribblings.blogspot.com/ and Writers Island writing prompt:  Illusion http://writersisland.wordpress.com/ According to Gavin de Becker, fear is a gift (The Gift of Fear) because it awakens all of our senses, including our intuitive faculties. There … Continue reading

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Refocusing On Creativity

  Someone recently asked me, in an email, what I do about feeling creatively blocked. At first, I just laughed out loud, then thought that any response could easily become an entire book. Mainly because I have been pursuing an … Continue reading

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Getting Outside The Comfort Zone

  …people see what they expect to see and they find reasons for oddities to protect the comfortable order and predictability of their lives. A Tangled Web ___Judith Michael I have taken to carrying a sketchbook with me. I doodle, … Continue reading

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